We’ve spent the last couple of years working on a new project to grow our business, which will cater for the needs of our community, outdoor sportspeople, and visitors to the area. We are opening a strength and conditioning gym in Dunkeld, with a climbing training area, so you can train with focus, improve and get good.


It will be a sociable space for anybody, no matter what their sport or exercise preference, to work out, to train, drink coffee and plan adventures, with an atmosphere to encourage reluctant exercisers from our community, and beyond, to join us for group training and classes, where we can give friendly and informed advice on suitable training and exercise.


If you're visiting the area but your plans get rained off, it will offer an alternative so your trip isn't wasted.

A gym with a climbing shop, therapy room, and coffee, so you can get pumped, equipped, restored, and caffeinated under one roof

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Dunkeld is just north of Perth, and because it has crags, hills, trails, lochs, and rivers it’s not just a great place to live and work, it also attracts a lot of visitors. But it lacks a decent training facility, where locals can train and visitors have somewhere to go when the weather doesn’t play nicely - that’s what we are aiming to change.

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The Project

We are leasing a newly built industrial unit, within walking distance of some of the best climbing in Scotland. The unit will include the gym - equipped with cardio machines, racks, free weights, Olympic platform, and a bouldering area with 40° Moonboard, 20° circuit wall, campus board, finger boards, and gym rings.


The shop gains a seating area for coffee drinking and trip planning, or just rest. An on-site therapy room - available to independent health and wellbeing practitioners to offer services like physio and massage, a valuable asset to the community and an added bonus for visitors.

The Climate Issue

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of modern business and our model has been created around energy saving and sustainability by using a renewable energy supplier for our power needs. Taking this a step further, we have sourced our cardio equipment from Sportsart, The Green Fitness Company, provided by SA Green Fitness.


Not only are their machines pretty nice to look at, and have all the functionality you’d expect, they also use technology that can harness up to 74% of human energy, converting watts generated through exercise into AC power and sending it back through the facility power grid to offset energy consumption, effectively reducing our carbon footprint further. So, you can join the leader board and win yourself the yellow jersey for most energy generated…


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Day 1
Day 1

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The therapy room
The therapy room

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When are you hoping to open?

We’re aiming for October - Novemberish 2021 if all goes well, though we are very much at the mercy of the current situation, and there have been many holds ups and challenges.

Is there going to be an age limit?

You’ll need to be 16 years old or over, no upper age limit.

Why no children in the boulder wall?

Two main reasons: There is a fantastic climbing wall in Perth which caters extremely well for children, we don’t want to take away from that. Secondly, strictly speaking it’s a training for climbing area, and we will have an Olympic lifting platform, cardio equipment and free weights in the same space. Getting insurance for children in that space would be very costly.

Where are you going to be?

Unit 7, Cally Industrial Estate, Blairgowrie Road, Dunkeld, PH8 0HU

Will you have parking?

Yes, we will have a limited number of free spaces and we’re close to the Cally Car Park, also free to park. Dunkeld is a 10-minute walk away, with on street and metered parking. We will have cycle racks and encourage none motorised travel.

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