A Guide to Converting Everyday Vehicles


Throw your belongings in the back, get on the road, drive to a beach, a mountain or a sunset, go for a night or a year... More people than ever before are finding freedom in their own campervan or motorhome. This colourful book takes you step-by-step through the process of converting everyday vehicles into campervans and motorhomes. This essential guidebook is for all DIY campervan and motorhome converters. Inside you will find in-depth guidance notes on vehicle choices, joinery techniques, insulation options, heater installation, water plumbing, vehicle electrics, and everything else that you need to know to convert your own campervan. With detailed diagrams, engaging descriptions, and loads of colour photos, this book is not only an indispensable source of information but a guide that will help inspire you to create your own perfect campervan.


- Vehicle Choice & Buying Advice.
- Planning, Regulations & Insurance.
- Diaries, Budgets, Tools & Materials.
- Insulation, Panels & Lining.
- Electrics, Wiring, & Lighting.
- Battery Charging & Mains Hook-ups.
- Installing Windows & Rooflights.
- Seats & Beds.
- Fitting Heaters, Fridges, & Water Heaters.
- Gas, Water, & Plumbing.
- Bathroom Construction.
- Joinery Skills and Furniture Construction.
- Example Conversions, Tips & Tricks.
- And more...

Self Build Campervan Conversions