A soap based cleaner that removes dirt and detergent residues while revitalising water repellency.  Great for cleaning waterproof and breathable clothing, synthetic sleeping bags, tents, packs, gloves and fleece.

Dirt attracts water and regular laundry detergents leave water attracting (hydrophilic) residues, leading to fabric 'wetting out' in wet or damp conditions.

If your waterproof clothing or equipment is relatively new, or recently treated with a Nikwax waterproofer, then cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash will not only remove contaminants such as dirt and residues but also revitalise the durable water repellency (DWR) of the material.
You don't need to reproof every time you clean - you should be able to clean your gear 5-6 times with Nikwax Tech Wash before it requires re-waterproofing.

You can use Tech Wash in a washing machine or it can be applied by hand.  In addition Tech Wash treated clothing doesn't need to be dried before you re-waterproof with Nikwax TX Direct, Tent & Gear SolarProof for equipment or Nikwax Cotton Proof for cotton, polycotton and canvas.

Nikwax Tech Wash