A strange phenomenon was first discovered at University of British Columbia ski club touring camps in the 1960s. While students carrying bowls or more standard eating vessels received regular potions, those clever few who were using a simple 2 cup measuring cup typically received much larger portions from the servers in the communal meal line. Soon, a few daring students were experimenting with 4 cup measuring cups and found the results to be the same: larger portions. Thus, the original fairshare cup was born.

50 years and several innovations later, GSI Outdoors has developed the FairShare Mug II, with insulating sleeve, compacting handle and a new lid that allows mugs to stack when stored, assuring that a whole new generation would receive their fair share too.

GSI Outdoor Fairshare Mug II

    • Secure, screw-on lid insulates and prevents spills
    • Carabiner clip-in point for attaching to packs
    • Cloth-wrapped, foam sleeve insulates hands and contents for a secure grip
    • Large 1L capacity
    • High-visibility graduations
    • Material: Clear Polypropylene, Foam
    • Weight: 192g