Effective climbing training from Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb, produced by the Cafe Kraft. On more than 220 pages you will find about 80 specific exercises for the bouldering wall, rings, sling trainer, floor and minibar, campus board, sloper rails, pegboard and pull-up bar to make you stronger for climbing.

The book is bilingual in German and English. So is the dvd that comes bundled with the book and shows all exercises in motion. Furthermore you will find more than 10 ProTips from some of the world's best climbers, in the book and on the DVD.

There is as very special interview with Wolfgang Gullich's former professor Mr. Weineck. He opened his video archives for us and you can get a glimpse of Wolfgang's training attitude. We focused on an easy-to-understand approach that really motivates you for training! The DVD is PAL-Standard including all regions, please check your player specifications. PAL DVDs might cause problems in standalone players in ntsc-only regions but should work on every laptop.

Gimme Kraft