A long established passive protection favourite throughout the climbing world.  This classic wired nut has a carefully designed shape that gives you the best possible chance of achieving a solid placement every time.


A full set, provides a solid and versatile foundation for any trad climbers rack. Think of it as the platform upon which you can build your own personalised system.  DMM continue to refine and improve the design. Modern production techniques have allowed them to make huge reductions in the weight, but without sacrificing strength or durability. 

Despite their simple appearance, the humble wallnut is a highly featured bit of climbing equipment.  Different alloys are used for each size - smaller nuts are harder to prevent shearing while large sizes are softer to allow 'bite' into a placement.  The curved shape allows placing in two different orientations for use in a greater range of cracks.  Tapered across both face and sides to allow better seating in cracks that are rarely parallel. 


Wallnuts, like the rest of DMM's protection range are colour coded them to make size selection from your harness mid-route easier and quicker.


Wallnut Features

  • Curved taper gives stable placements that resists lifting out
  • Allows placement in two orientations for increased versatility
  • Larger sizes feature hollow construction for reduced weight
  • Grooved faces improved security in irregular rock while reducing overall weight
  • Mounted on wires allowing for overhead placements
  • Colour coded for easy identification and quick identification of alternatives if your first choice doesn't fit

DMM Wallnut Set 7-11

  • Size Weight Range Strength Colour
    1 15g 6.7-14.3mm 7kN Purple
    2 26g 8.1-15.8mm 9kN Green
    3 28g 9.4-16.5mm 11kN Silver
    4 30g 11-17.6mm 12kN Gold
    5 32g 13.2-19.4mm 12kN Blue
    6 39g 15.6-22.6mm 12kN Red
    7 40g 18.9-25.8mm 12kN Grey
    8 45g 22.3-29mm 12kN Turquoise
    9 50g 25.2-32.1mm 12kN Gold
    10 56g 28.8-32.6mm 12kN Silver
    11 68g 33.1-37.4mm 12kN Green