The DMM Spectre is the perfect option if you prefer the handling qualities of a larger biner. It’s certainly big enough to work well if you are wearing winter gloves.  It works well as a racking biner, - can be colour coded to match your cams, hexes or whatever system you use.


Some subtle, but important changes have been made from the original Spectre carabiner. For example it has a safer, deeper ‘rope basket’ – that being the techy term for the crook of the biner in which the rope sits during a fall.


The design has also been tweaked so it works better with modern skinny Dyneema. This means that the quickdraw tape sits in a neat and correctly aligned position.


Finally - the Spectre is only 33g – that’ll be 3g lighter than the original Spectre. After all, every little bit counts when aiming to save weight.

DMM Spectre 5 Pack

Colour: Silver