Single wire lightweight nuts that increase your protection options. Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.


Halfnut Features

  • Shape provides additional protection options
  • Similar to DMM Wallntus, sizes 1-4 are maed of a harder alloy to prevend shearling and size 5-7 feature softer alloy to improve bite
  • Size 1-2 are rated at 4kN and 3-7 are rated to 6kN
  • The 1-7 set is 47% lighter than the equivalent Wallnut set
  • The size 7 features scooped faces to save weight
  • The single cables reduce weight
  • Halfnuts have the same taper angles and side profiles as DMM Wallnuts
  • Colour match shrink tube for easy identification



DMM Halfnuts