Dragonfly Micro cams provide versatile protection for narrow cracks and pockets.  The six cams in the range cover placements from 7.8mm - 28.3mm

The camming angle of 13.75°, as used with DMM Dragons, provides the optimum balance of holding power and range. You will appreciate the holding power of the TripleGrip lobes with their ‘raw alu’ surface, particularly on smooth rock types such as slate and limestone. The narrow head width and compact trigger allow the cams to be placed deep in small pockets.


Dragonfly Features


  • 13.75° camming angle - optimum combination of holding power and range
  • TripleGrip surface with 'raw-alu' lobes
  • Flexible stem cable
  • Compact trigger bar
  • Dynatec 11mm Extendable sling with compact stitch pattern
  • Complements smaller Dragon cams

DMM Dragonfly 1