The original dedicated belaying carabiner now with I-Beam construction!  An ideal carabiner for those new to belaying - great for beginners, groups and centres.

Belay carabiners don't always behave as you might want them to - there is potential for the carabiner to flip into bad alignment and for cross loading to occur.  Have no fear - the Belay Master is equipped to combat that particular menace!  A nylon clip not only stops the carabiner from twisting to become cross loaded by holding the biner in correct alignment but also the clip can't be locked in place unless the screwgate is properly closed first - acting as a fail safe check to ensure that the carabiner is ready to use.

With a well rounded top bar for increased durability and consistent rope control, good performance with a variety of belay devices and the unique nylon clip makes this a very safe belaying carabiner - perfect for groups, introductory sessions and newer climbers just starting their climbing journey.

DMM Belay Master