Features a retro-styled “kangaroo” pocket (zipped at both ends) plus a longer cut.
The Turbo top is Crux's lightest down garment with a water-resistant shell. Inside the stitched baffles is not a awful lot of Polish 900 cu.in. down – only 70 g to be precise, making the Turbo top ideal for high-intensity activities in cold conditions (when you would overheat in anything heavier).

Turbo Top Features

  • Lycra binding at waist and wrists
  • Pocket doubles as a stuff sack with belt loop
  • Large central pocket with zipped openings on each side


Down is a very resilient insulating material and, with basic care, any down jacket should last you a very long time.

There are two simple rules to ensure longevity:
1. Always store your jacket uncompressed in a dry, airy place
2. Try to keep it as clean as possible to minimise washing (this ultimately damages the down).

Crux Turbo Top

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