Realise your physical and sporting potential

[ree-uh-lahyz] [ fiz-i-kuhl] [ puh-ten-shuhl]

Adjective. Noun. Cheesy tag line.


1 Get good

2 Get well good

3 Get goodest

Example: The guys at Unit 7 really know their stuff, I couldn’t lift a wet towel 6 weeks ago, now I can do a backflip whilst juggling parallettes. I realised my physical and sporting potential.  I got well good.

Have you noticed that some people seem to know what they want to become right from being in nappies, and they know exactly how to get it? They were probably inspired by people around them, had a little help, a bit of guidance from someone with experience, and had the encouragement to find out just what they were capable of.


If you’re not one of those people there’s no need to envy them - we’re here to help you out.

Having started out in 2016 as two small businesses; a climbing shop and a therapy room for massage, we’ve come a long way since then. We’re now one company and we’ve built up a decent range of services and quality products that have benefitted a wide variety of people interested in improving physical performance, not just climbers.


We’re not done yet, Dunkeld lacks a good strength and conditioning climbing gym, and we’re right in the middle of planning one.


In fact, it’s why our business is called Unit 7, because that’s going to be the address. Scheduled to open in June 2020 but thwarted by covid-19, we’re now aiming for spring 2021. Want to find out more about that?

We can’t claim to have won any prestigious sporting competitions, because we haven’t entered any, we’re more interested in living our best life doing all the things we enjoy, like running, climbing and lifting heavy things to put them down again in the same place.


We prefer to work with people who want to find and realise their physical potential. We’re not about flexing or strutting around social media in short shorts (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things, it’s just not our style), we’re a bit more subtle and slightly introverted.

There’s a lot of dogma and elitism in the health, fitness and sports industry. We don’t accommodate that, instead we strive to keep up to date with the science and try to stay real and relatable. We don’t care if you’re aiming for the Olympics or if you just want to be able to get pans out of the bottom cupboard, we want to help you get there (and back...)



Alison Mugshot

I'd like a world where people are always civil to each other, coffee is an essential nutrient, and nobody ever tries to mimic my accent.

My interest in strength training came about from a lifetime of rehabilitation for my various mountain biking, motorbiking, snowboarding, climbing and paddling injuries, which I got from a mismatch between belief in myself and my actual skills.


I mostly run trails and lift weights these days, but I haven’t retired from outdoor sports completely. I found that as my age and injury recovery times increased and the desire to prove myself diminished, the natural progression was to use my qualifications and experience to help other people achieve their potential.


Qualifications include:

  • BSc Hons Strength and Conditioning

  • Diploma in Swedish and Remedial and Sports Massage

  • Whole pile of Continuing Personal Development courses in pain science, manual therapy, more strength and conditioning, and women’s health in relation to physical training.


When I’m not working, my fave thing to do is hang out with Rockstar and James, read, and eat.




I used to live in the (far) south I’m told, but I fell asleep in a van one day and when I woke up, I appeared to be in Scotland. I was confused because I don’t understand the concept of borders. Anyhoo, I thought it best to express my insecurities at this inconsistency by biting people and stealing their sandwiches. The primate that accompanied me on these adventures spent a lot of time apologising and called me a bit of a Rockstar. I liked that; it was reassuring to know I was achieving my objective. It’s my name now.

We’ll skip ahead to when James joined the pack and life was full of joy. We’d go out in the hills and the apes would stop at some rocks and faff about with ropes and stuff. Then they’d climb up the rock and I’d guard the falafels until they came back. I’ve no idea what they were getting from the top, but I met a lot of nice people and other doggos on our escapades.


I got fed up of biting folk, decided it was more energy efficient to just remain aloof. Unless they had food of course.

These days I’m a vital member of the Unit 7 team, my job is to scout out the warmest place in the vicinity and then guard it with my eyes closed. I take my work very seriously and to be honest I don’t think the operation would function at all without me.

Likes: Food, the sun, road trips

Dislikes: The rain, a cold house, loud noises, falling things

Loathes: Pigeons



What has the pandemic meant for us?

The obvious one is that we had to close our doors like every other similar business, and all face to face services have stopped.  Around this time (April/May) we were to be welcoming everyone into our newly opened gym, Covid-19 has whacked a big pause on that plan though its not all bad...

The online store at is still very much operational, though delivery times may be affected.  We have a selection of strength and conditioning classes and private training sessions delivered via Zoom.

Since we were due to move to new premises and open a strength and conditioning and climbing gym in June, we have moved out of our premises on Bridge Street in Dunkeld giving us some solid reflection time to build our digital services, add some new skills and plan. And plan. And plan.

As soon as restrictions are alleviated, we will be able to run outdoor training sessions, and when the time comes we will find temporary premises to continue massage therapy and other face to face services, just until spring 2021 when we should be in the new unit.

We would like to thank all our customers for the continuing support, and we wish you all well.